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Team News.

Team News

2 years ago @ 11:54AM

End of Season Party

Sunday Dec 9

4:00 TIS Open gym: pick up games, etc. 

5:30 Pizza arrives

6:00 Season wrap up/Closing remarks by Coach 

Thank you to everyone helping!



Team News

2 years ago @ 10:37AM

Nov. 29 Home Game vs Ouray

Thursday Nov. 29 A and B Teams home game vs Ouray

Roster for A and B Teams:

Tony, Cesar, Eli, PJ, Cash, Loudon, Lucas, John, Jay, Townes, Finn G,  and Jack S.

Players meet at TMHS gym at 3:15

B Team will play at 4:00 followed by the A Team around 5:00 


A quick look at the Saturday League Tournament below. More details to follow.

Tournament Location: Dove Creek

10:00am #1 Dove Creek vs. #4 Ouray

11:30am #2 Telluride vs. #3 Dolores

1:00pm Championship Game

We will have an end of season party next week in the gym. More details to follow once we know a time and location.




Team News

2 years ago @ 8:50PM

Nov. 25 Team News

Welcome Back

Below you will find important information for this week.  Even though only A Team will be practicing, there are B and C team games.  This week will end with the league tournament on Saturday for the A team. Team photo was taken on Friday and I apologize to those players that missed it! 


  • A Team practice only 3:30-5:00 in TES.
  • A Team Roster: PJ, Eli, Tony, Cesar,Cash, Loudon, Lucas, Townes, Jay, John


  • C, B and A Teams Away Game in Dolores. All players will play.
  • Bus will leave school at 1:30. Students will miss the last hour of school. It is their responsibility to make up any missed assignments, etc. 
  • Please send your player prepared with: uniform, shoes, coat, hat, snacks, water, money for concession stand
  • C team will play first at 4:00. B team game starts about 5:00 and A team plays last about 6:00.
  • Bus will return to the school around 8:30pm. Bus will make one stop at the Mt. Village entrance.  You must be present when the bus stops to pick up your player.
  • This is the last C team game for this season.  C Team uniforms will be collected in Dolores after the game.


  • A Team practice only 3:30-5:00 in TES Gym


  • B and A team HOME game vs. Ouray at 4:00.
  • This game is not on the schedule and I previously stated incorrectly it was an away game. 
  • A and B team players meet in TMHS gym at 3:15.
  • B team plays first at 4:00 followed by the A team game.
  • Coach will post B team roster on Wednesday.
  • This is the last B team game for the season. B Team uniforms will be collected after the game.


  • Practice for A team only in TES 3:30-5:00


  • SJBL Tournament: A team only, details to follow

Please email me with any questions!



Team News

2 years ago @ 7:23PM

Nov. 17 Tournament

Saturday, Nov. 17 A Team Tournament vs. Ridgway and Dove Creek

A Team Roster:

Tony, Cesar, PJ, Eli, Cash, Lucas, Jay, Townes, Will, Jack 

A Team arrive at THS gym at 9:00

Tournament Schedule:

Telluride vs. Ridgway 10:00am

Ridgway vs. Dove Creek 11:00 am

Telluride vs. Dove Creek 12:00 pm

Please send snacks or lunch with your player for between games.


Team News

2 years ago @ 3:04PM

Nov. 16 Team Update

1. All players bring uniform to practice tomorrow for a team photo. All players meet at TIS at 3:30
2. Tomorrow, Friday, Nov. 16 is the last practice for C and B teams. After photo these teams will walk to TES to have practice.  Even though C and B teams will no longer have practice the week we return from break, they will play in games on Tuesday and Thursday.
3. Saturday, Nov. 17 A team home tournament vs. Ridgway and Dove Creek starting at 10am. If your in town, considering coming to the games and support our A Team. 
3. Open Gym during Thanksgiving Break on both Sundays 18th, 25th from 4-6 TIS. 
Possible open gym opportunity on Wednesday 21st at 3:00 depending on gym availability. 
We will let you know.
3. There are A, B and C games in Dolores on Tuesday Nov. 27. Coach has made it possible for all players to play in Dolores and they will ride on a full size school bus to games. 
Details to follow.
4. Thursday Nov. 29 A and B teams will play in Ouray. More details to follow.
5. A Team will practice Monday, Wednesday, Friday Nov. 26-30th in TES from 3:30-5:00.

Team News

2 years ago @ 8:06PM

Nov. 15 B, A Team vs Nucla Rosters

Thursday, Nov. 15:  B and A teams play at home vs. Nucla.  B team plays first starting at 4:00 followed by the A team game.

A Team Roster:

Eli, Tony, P.J., Cash, Loudon, Lucas, Cesar, Jay, Townes, John

B Team Roster:

Nathan, Mason, Grayson, Jack, Brady, Will, Knox, Sam, John, Townes 

Players please meet at TMHS gym at 3:15

No practice for C team tomorrow, Thursday.

Friday Practice is in TIS for all players from 3:30-5:00

Saturday games are home vs Ridgway and Dove Creek starting at 10am

Go Miners!

Team News

2 years ago @ 1:16PM

Nov. 13 Home Game vs. Dolores

Today A, B and C teams will play against Dolores at our home gym.  C team plays first starting at 4:00. Followed by B team game and A team plays last.  Each game is about 1 hour. 

All players report to TMHS at 3:15 today.  All players will play. 

Wednesday practice is early for B and C team 3:30-5:00 at TES and late for A team 5:30-7:00 at TMHS.

Go Miners!


Team News

2 years ago @ 6:25AM

Nov. 9 Away Games in Ridgway Schedule Update for Next Week

Friday Nov. 9th A Team plays Mancos and Ridgway in Ridgway

First game starts at 5:00 vs Mancos with the second game vs Ridgway starting at 6:00.

A Team Roster  

Tony, Eli, P.J, Cash, Loudon, Cesar, John, Townes, Finn G, Greyson, Will, Jack, Knox, Sam

The bus for Ridgway will leave at 3:15. Players will be released from school at 2:45. Please send your player with food to eat before the games or have them go to Clarks before the bus leaves. 

Important Practice time update and game schedule next week: Please note there are only two days A Team players will have to practice late.  The team has important games next week. Coach hopes you all can make this adjustment. Thank you


  • MONDAY: B and C players practice in TES from 3:30-5:00, A players practice THMS 5:30-7:00
  • TUESDAY: A, B, C teams vs Dolores at home 4:00
  • WEDNESDAY: B and C players practice in TES from 3:30-5:00, A players practice TMHS 5:30-7:00
  • THURSDAY: A and B Teams vs Nucla at home 4:00
  • FRIDAY: B and C Players in TES, A Team Players TIS practice time for everyone 3:15-5:00




Team News

2 years ago @ 7:40PM

Nov. 8 Home Game vs. Norwood and Away vs St. Columbia

Thursday A Team game will be home vs. Norwood at 5:00

B and C Team will be away in Durango vs St. Columbia at 4:00

A Team Roster 

Tony, Cesar, Eli, Cash, Finn G., John, Loundon, Lucas, PJ, Townes

B and C Team Travel Roster 

Benny, Berns, Mateo, Spencer, Jackson, Jack, Alain, Sam, Knox, Finn S., Will, Grayson, Jacob

1.  Travel B and C Team will be dismissed at 12:00. They will have time to eat lunch in the cafeteria or bring food to eat lunch on the bus. The bus leaves the school at 12:30 and will not wait for players.  Be on time! 

Travel Team please bring the following:

  • Money to buy food after the game.  They will eat on the bus on the way home.
  • Warm hats, gloves, coats, UNIFORM, and basketball shoes.
  • Bus should be back at School between 8-8:30pm. Stay in touch with your player via cell phone, if possible for return timing. 
  • Bus will stop at Mountain Village entrance on it's way to the school. If you are present, you may pick up your player.  Bus cannot wait or leave anyone there.

2.  A Team game vs Norwood starts at 5:00. Players report to high school gym at 4:10. Please help your players eat food afterschool. There is no B game at home versus Norwood.  

3.  No practice Friday for players not traveling to Ridgway.

4.  Friday, Nov. 10th  A Team games in Ridgway:

  • Please check back Thursday for Friday's away game roster and information.
  • We will have 2 A Team games in Ridgway 
  • Telluride vs Mancos 5:00pm           Telluride vs. Ridgway 6:00pm



Team News

2 years ago @ 12:14PM

Practice Schedule Change



Team News

2 years ago @ 12:34PM

Film viewing before Home Game 11/1

All players are invited to come to the TIS gym at 2:00 this afternoon to watch and learn from our game films that we have from this season.  I apologize for the late notice as we are just figuring this out.





Team News

2 years ago @ 9:10AM

Nov. 1 Home Games vs Ridgway

Thursday, Nov. 1  A, B, C games at home vs. Ridgway. C Team will play first at 4:00

A Team Roster:

Tony, Eli, PJ, Cash, Loudon, Cesar, Lucas, John 

B Team Roster:

Jay, Townes, Nathan, Jett, Will, Jack S, Finn G, Grayson, Mason, Brady, Luca

C Team Roster: 

Spencer, Berns, Knox, Sam, Jacob, Jackson, Mateo, Madden, Beni, Noah, Brian, Finn, S.

All Players please arrive at the TMHS gym at 3:10 today.

C game starts at 4:00 followed by B Team game. A Team plays last around 5:45. 

Coaches are working on finding a time and location to show Nucla game video to players.  We will email a time and location when possible.

Thank you for your patience!


Team News

2 years ago @ 6:40PM

Oct. 30 Nucla Away Games

Tuesday October 30 away games vs. Nucla. The gym is located in Naturita off of the highway on the left.

Nucla Travel Roster A&B Team

Tony, Eli, Cesar, PJ, Nathan, Cash, Grayson, Jay, Jett, John, Loudon, Lucas, Townes, Will, Jackson, Sam, Mason, Knox

Bus leaves the school at 2:00. Players will be dismissed at 1:30. Please send your player with snacks/food!

Concession stands at games have been unreliable to nonexistent.

Games start at 4:00pm. We do not know if A or B will play first.


  • Players may ride home with their parents.  If you will be driving your player home, sign the release form before leaving the gym. 
  • The bus is allowed to make one down valley stop at M&M Mercantile only.
  • Contact Sheila at before bus departure on game day to prearrange a down valley pickup at MM Mercantile. For example, email Sheila tomorrow by 1:30pm to arrange a down valley pickup for the games in Nucla. 
  • Parents must be present at MM Mercantile when the bus stops.  The bus is not allowed to wait for parents to arrive.
  • Coach is unavailable once the team departs for the games. Down valley pickups must be prearranged. This is for the safety of your players. 
  • These are school policies. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

All Players not traveling to Nucla: in-house games/practice at TIS gym from 2:15-3:45.

Looking ahead:

Practice Wednesday Oct. 31st 3:30-5:00. All Players report to TIS GYM. Happy Halloween!

Thursday games are home vs. Ridgway. There will be A, B and C team games.


Team News

2 years ago @ 1:49PM

Oct. 25 Away Games vs Ouray and Home Games vs St. Columbia

Thursday, October 24th there are 2 games at home vs. St. Columbia and 2 games away vs. Ouray.  

The rosters are listed below for A&B in Ouray and B&C at Home

Ouray Travel A&B       PRACTICE TODAY IN TIS

Tony,  Lucas,  Townes,  Cesar,  PJ,  Will,  Eli,  Jay,  Finn G., Cash,  Jett,  Jack S.  Loudan,  Greyson


Brady,  Sam,  Knox,  Berns,  Mason,  Jackson,  Noah,  Jacob,  Alain,  Nathan, John

Home C Team          PRACTICE TODAY IN TES

Bati,  Benny,  Brian,  Liam,  Madden,  Mateo,  Spencer,  Finn S.,  Luca,  Gideon

Home Games vs. St Columbia INFO:

B Team plays first at 4:00. C Team will follow. B & C players report to High School gym immediately after school at 3:15.  Uniforms will be passed out at that time. Bring your uniform if you have one.  Send players with extra snacks please.

Away Games vs. Ouray INFO:

A Team plays first at 4:00. B team will follow. Players meet outside of school at 1:45. Bus leaves at 2:00. Bring your uniform. Send healthy snacks please!!

We will update if there are changes to this plan via this website or email if needed.





Team News

2 years ago @ 7:10PM

Oct. 23 vs Norwood Away

A Team Roster

Tony Ordonez

Cesar Romo

Cash Livermore

Loudan Doemland

Lucas Betz

PJ Hulst

Townes Merritt

Jay Ellison

Will Metheny

Nathan Herman

B Team Roster

Nathan Herman

Fin Gilhool

Grayson Berry

Will Metheny

Mason Scanlon

Sam Herman

Knox Tokarz

Jack Sitlington

Gideon Blakney

Jacob Hulst

All other players report to TIS gym at 2:30 for in house games!!!

A and B team players meet in front of school by 2:15 tomorrow. Bus leaves the school at 2:30. Bring your uniforms if you have them. If you do not have a uniform you will receive one at 2:15. The bus will not wait.

Regular practice on Wednesday. Games again this Thursday check back on Wednesday for roster and details. We have lots of games this Thursday. BE READY!


Team News

2 years ago @ 7:17PM

Oct 18 Team Rosters

C Team Roster

Jackson Campbell

Madden Alegria

Alain Montano

Knox Tokarz

Sam Herman

Gideon Blakney

Spencer Mortell

Mason Scanlon

Luca Zampini

Finn Shores

Mateo Ordonez

B Team Roster

Nathan Herman

Finn Gilhool

PJ Hulst

Brady Holbrook

Jack Sitlington

Greyson Berry

Knox Tokarz

Sam Herman

Jay Ellison

Will Metheny 

A Team Roster

Greyson Berry

Lucas Betz

Eli Blakney

Loudan Doemland

Nathan Herman

Cash Livermore

John Markley

Townes Merritt

Anthony Ordonez

Cesar Romo

Team News

2 years ago @ 11:00AM

Oct. 18 Home Game vs. Mancos


1. Games tomorrow, Thursday Oct. 18, will be in the high school gym starting at 4:00.

• C team plays first at 4:00

• B will play 2nd-starting approximately at 4:45-5:00

• A plays last-starting approx. 5:30-5:45

• The only guaranteed time is the 4:00 starting time for C game.


2. All players who are on the game roster will meet tomorrow at 2:45 in the high school gym to receive uniforms and get ready for game.

• Roster will be posted by 7pm the night before a game.

• Coach suggests A and B team players take the time to eat healthy food after they pickup their uniform and before the C team game.


3. Please check for rosters and team news.

• I will begin posting updates on the website regularly and only send group emails as needed after today.

• Please check MS Basketball Team news regularly.

• As always feel free to email questions or feedback to me anytime. I will do my best to reply promptly.

• Coach is available to discuss individual players needs, issues, etc. as needed by email or we can set up an appointment, phone call.


4. Practice today, Wednesday, will be in the TIS gym for all players.

Go Miners!

Team News

2 years ago @ 9:14PM

October 15 Update

Our first game is this Thursday 4:00 at home against Mancos. There will A, B, and C games

Uniforms will be passed out this week.

This Wednesday evening check the roster and team news for updates.

Players for each team will be posted Wednesday evening on the roster.

If you have not already, please submit your players paperwork into Kim by Wednesday so that your players can play on Thursday.

Have a great week!



Team News

2 years ago @ 4:07PM

Practice Plan for Week of October 8-12

This week is a continuation of Individual Skills Focus

Monday 5:00 Parent Meeting at TIS Gym

Monday ALL players report to TIS gym for practice at regular time 3:30-5:00.

Tuesday 6th grade practice in TES gym, 7-8th grade TIS gym 3:30-5:00

Wednesday ALL report to TIS gym for practice and Concussion Pre-Screening Evaluation by Athletic Trainer

Thursday 6th grade practice in TES gym, 7-8th graders in TIS gym: 3:30-5:00

Friday ALL players back to TIS gym for in-house games 3:30-5:00  Parents are welcome to come watch the games at TIS gym. Games should be going by 4:00.

Coaches will remain in the gym after practice till 5:30 to help players develop their individual skills.  This is voluntary.
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