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Team News.

Team News

5 months ago @ 3:35PM

2020 Boys Soccer Preseason

Good Afternoon Soccer families,

As we are waiting for word from CHSAA’s guidelines and protocols to be approved by the State for the upcoming season we are operating under the condition that the season start date will remain unchanged for the moment. Updates from the summer can be found here:


As we start preseason training we will be following the summer condition guidelines that are linked in the previous document. Some soccer specific guidelines for summer preseason work are:

  1. No head, chest, or arm contact with balls or other equipment (all contact must be below the waist). If incidental contact occurs, a new ball must be put in play and the athlete who made the contact will have to leave the playing field to disinfect the contacted ball.
  2. Goalie will have more specific guidelines based on drill and ball contact when applicable. 
  3. Any drills or discussion closer than 6 feet, face mask must be worn.
  4. Any and all equipment will be sanitized before and after each practice.
  5. Each player is given their own equipment for their own use during practice and sanitized as necessary during practice.
  6. If a practice jersey is needed, athlete will be given one for themselves and they will be collected and washed immediately following practice.


Special notes:

  • Athletes should bring a face mask to every practice or notify coach if they need one prior to the start.
  • Athletes should bring their own water and cannot share.
  • Athletes should bring their own hand sanitizer if available (will be available to them if they do not have their own).
  • If guidelines cannot be followed coach may dismiss the athlete from preseason practice.
  • Strictly voluntary, no penalty for not attending.
  • Waiver must be signed by parent/ guardian and athlete prior to starting practice.
  • Do not send your athlete if they are experiencing any symptoms.


Preseason Practice Updates:


  • Preseason Practice will be on the weeks of July 27- Aug 7 (Monday – Friday) from 10am-12pm and 1pm-3pm.


  • We have received confirmation and attendance from 16 athletes who participated today based on a team zoom meeting in the Spring and the interest information received by those athletes. If your student athlete would like to join the preseason work please notify the coaches prior to attendance so we can adjust practice to meet participation guidelines.


The afternoon weather is unstable with the monsoon season so please be prepared for early dismissal. If the weather turns we will not wait it out, we will end practice at that time for safety.


Physicals and paperwork-


  • All paperwork will be mailed in back to school packet so please look for this when it arrives.
  • We understand that the med center is filling up with physicals and we will adjust as necessary to accommodate. For the moment, please get on the waiting list so you have a date and time to get your athlete a physical if you do not already.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you might have.  Thanks and Go Miners!


Coach Rod
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