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Telluride Athletics

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Team News.

Team News

3.0 years ago @ 4:42PM


Dear Running Families! 

I am so sorry it has taken this long to get the information from Cortez!

We will be meeting at the school at 2pm. The races will start at 5pm (they did not give us specifics on boys and girls races, but I am assuming girls will run first).

We expect to be done with races around 6:30 again and runners will call you to let you know when they are on their way back.

We will have mini buses so we can only fit 4 boys and 4 girls.  This means we need at least one boy driver and one girl driver for us to bring our full 10 competitors. Please let me know immediately if you are able to drive! Also, please let me know if your runner no longer wants to compete this week, so I can fill the spot with another runner!


This week we are taking:





Katija (If we have a driver)






Remick (If we have a driver) 


Here is the quick and easy of the meet.  

1. We will be running at Parque de Vida.

2. It will be a 2 lap course with the start and finish line on the south side of the park.

3. Team tent area will be between the pond and our rec center in the grass area.

4. Bus parking will be by the north baseball fields.  All busses will need to park in that lot during the race.  

5. Our trainer will be set up next to the finish line for any needs.

6. There will not be an awards ceremony at the race.  

7. Come and enjoy the new venue!

8. Course map is added to this email.  .

9. Fans are allowed  but please ask them to distance themselves along the course.  


Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!


-Coach Murray

Team News

3.0 years ago @ 4:10PM

Cross Country Season Schedule

Go to LINKS! on the CC homepage

Team News

3.0 years ago @ 4:07PM

Cross Country Communication 8/12

Dear Parents, 

Please make sure you are reaching out to Coach Murray with any questions and concerns! The start to the season is always crazy, but it is even more so this year! We promise that I am not trying to withhold any information, things are just constantly changing.


We will have a lot of time for questions at the parent meetings, but I wanted to clarify a couple of things for this season:

  1. We had to split our team into boys and girls separated in order to have small enough groups for practicing. We considered grouping them in other ways, but this made the most sense because they run/score as a Girls team and a Boys team at the meets. This is also why we have capped our teams at 10 boys and 10 girls. 
  2. Now that there are two teams, it means that each day one of the teams has to practice with Coach Lopez and the other team has to practice with Coach Murray. Coach Murray has been labeled as High Risk for Covid and therefore cannot be in person for practices, hence the Zooms. Coach Murray is very excited to have the opportunity to teach the runners about the importance of Cross-Training. Please note that our Cross-Training practices will run about 30-45 minutes (I don’t want to keep them on a screen too long) and then the runners will have the option to go and do a short run on their own with the rest of that practice time. 

For Cross-Training Practices…

Go To:

Click: Join A Meeting

Meeting ID: 859 8580 9597

Password: XC

  1. The number of runners allowed at each meet is limited! For most of the meets so far, we are able to register 5 Girls and 5 Boys. Some meets may be even less than that. Coach Lopez and Coach Murray are still discussing how they will determine who gets to compete at each meet. Please help us by filling out the Meet Availability Form ASAP:
  2. Attached is our most recent Calendar. Please note that there have been quite a few changes with our Meets! 
  3. We will be updating information on so please make sure you are checking that!
  4. At this point it sounds like almost everyone is scheduled for their physicals *If you had called the Med Center a couple of weeks ago, I would recommend trying them again because they have had some recent openings (Probably because of all of the other sports getting canceled!) We also need to have completed “permission to participate” & “CHASS bylaws” signed. I have attached these for your convenience. 
  5. This season we are really going to have to be strict! We have all eyes on us, not only within the school, but also the community. If runners are having trouble following the new regulations they may be suspended or even removed from the team. We really hope it won’t come to that though!


I look forwards to seeing you at one of the parent meetings 

Thursday 8/13 at NOON 

Go To:

Click: Join A Meeting

Meeting ID: 876 1276 0156

Password: CC2020


Friday 8/14 at 7:30pm.

Go To:

Click: Join A Meeting

Meeting ID: 814 0543 8604

Password: CC2020


Have a Wonderful Night!

-Coach Murray and Coach Lopez


Team News

3.0 years ago @ 3:05PM

Cross Country Information 8/7

Dear Parents and Runners, 

We are so excited that our season got approved! 

That being said there have been some big changes to what our season will look like. 

Coach Murray has officially been placed into the High Risk category for Covid due to health concerns. So, what does this mean for Cross Country?

Erin and Sara have planned out the following, but are still waiting for final approval from the school.

Instead of Sara coaching the boys and Erin coaching the girls, we will now have Sara running in-person practices and Erin running online cross training. Boys and Girls will still be separated and will alternate between in-person practices and online cross training. Please see the attached schedule! Runners will not be allowed to cross train together due to safety issues.

Each week I will be sending out a GoogleForm to sign up for in-person practices. 

This week’s form:


We understand that getting to in-person practices may be challenging now that we are starting the school year online. If a runner is not able to meet in person please contact Coach Murray so we can make a plan for them.


In order for runners to be able to practice they must have a current physical and all paperwork turned into the school. If you are unsure if your paperwork is up to date please email


In order to maintain our small groups for in-person practices we have capped the team at 10 girls and 10 boys. 


There are still discussions going on about what competitions will look like, so we will keep you posted as soon as we hear anything. 


Please take time to look over the Cross Country Bulletin put out by CHSAA.This has more COVID modifications that are specific to Cross County. Please take the time to go over the “When Practicing” and “After practicing” sections with your athlete before the first day of practice.


If you would like to order Cross Country merchandise, please check out our team store. All orders need to be placed by August 19th.


Your child’s safety is our top priority!

If you have any questions or concerns please email Coach Murray:


Thank you,

Erin Murray and Sara Lopez

Team News

3.0 years ago @ 1:13PM

Cross Country 2020

Dear Runners and Parents, We are so excited to be starting another wonderful Cross Country Season with you all! As you may have guessed, this year is going to look a little bit different. We are still waiting on decisions being made at the state level in regards to the athletic calendar and any rule modifications, so things will change throughout the season. We will be sending out weekly emails on Fridays to keep you up to date and we will email sooner if there are any big changes. For now, we are planning as if the start date will not change and we will be able to start August 10th. We will practice Monday-Friday that week and the following week from 3:30-5:00pm. Starting on August 25th, Tuesday practices will be held between 1:00-3:00pm due to our Early Release schedule. We will review this with athletes during our first week of practices. *If athletes are unable to make our Early Practices due to academics (Mountain School, etc.) we will make a separate plan with them. *Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday practices will always be from 3:30-5:00. Our top priority is safety. With that being said, we have decided to structure our program differently this year to align with the CHSAA COVID-19 requirements & mandates. In order to keep athletes together in small groups, avoid mixing with other groups as much as possible, and make it easier to social distance we will be dividing our team into a Boys team coached by Sara Lopez and a Girls team coached by Erin Murray. Athletes must show up to practice dressed and ready to participate prior to school opening for the year as the confined nature of our Locker room makes it very hard to socially distance and will remain closed. The Boys team will meet Coach Lopez in front of the Palm Theater and the Girls team will meet Coach Murray on the tetherball court by the Intermediate school. We will do a Daily Symptom Tracker, we will be socially distancing a minimum of 6 ft, and runners will have to wear masks anytime they are not running. More information is included in the attached document from CHSAA. In addition to the attached document we expect more Cross Country related requirements once Cross Country is approved to resume. We know that there are a lot of questions and concerns so please don’t hesitate to reach out! Erin’s email is Sara’s email is Thank you! -Erin Murray and Sara Lopez